I finally got around to adding a tutorial on fabric painting!

Once I got the idea to paint on fabric and turn these mini-paintings into accessories I just had to figure out how to do it.  I tried a bunch of different things. I mostly had trouble with getting the paint and brush to move easily across the fabric.  Once that got worked out, I was able to get much better results.

If you are looking for some tips on how to paint on fabric, I hope the demonstration I posted under "Tutorials" helps!

And as far as the "kinks" go.....I've been getting told that people are having trouble joining this website using the "Join this site" button.  I haven't been able yet to figure out what is wrong with that gadget yet - but I 've found - and have been told - that you can follow me by clicking on the little purple squares next to the "join this site" button.  You are then asked to log in to your google account, and then you are prompted to "follow" me.  That seems to be working for now anyway!

Well, back to sewing. I have some cat fabric that is just purr-fect for cosmetic bags!
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  1. Your demonstration is beautiful Mery! And I see you have some people figuring out how to follow you :-)


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