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Ort Catchers and Needle Minders 

What else don't I know about?

The other day, my cousin sent me a photo of  a cute triangular box type item made of fabric and asked if I'd made them before.  She said it was an ort catcher.

"Orts need catching?"  How unruly are they?

An "ort" - I found out - is those little snippets of thread and fabric trimmings that I usually let just land on me and the floor.   An ort catcher is a cute little "garbage can" for your sewing table or wherever you might need one.  They even fold flat so  you can take it with you in your project bag.

I now have three, and I need all of them - possibly a fourth as well.

They are really cute - easy to make and are very useful!!  In my sewing room, I have one on on my cutting table, sewing machine table and ironing board.   The fourth would be for hand sewing while I'm watching tv.

While I was researching all the ort things, I stumbled upon needle minders.  The possibilities are endless!  A needle minder is a cute, magnetic place to stick your needles onto while your hand sewing - like on an embroidery hoop or frame.  It sticks right to it and is so convenient!  

I immediately ordered magnets, E6000 glue, and the buttons you cover with fabric.   I ended up making two sided needle minders  - one side larger than the other for different sized available sewing area spaces.

Apparently, these items are not a mystery to everyone as they started selling nearly immediately after placing a few in Etsy shop!  

I know there is an endless amount of tutorials on how to make these items if you do a search, but I may write one up anyway.  I did go through a bunch of trials till I ended up with a style I like and hopefully make it so you can avoid the errors I came across and save you some time!


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