Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why Not Paint A Bird?

I always liked painting. I used to paint actual "paintings" but I have a real short attention span. Its' the same reason the quilts I make started going from blanket size down to placemat size. It just takes too long! So for a while I always painted small things - decorative things. After sewing for a bit, and looking for a way to make my things different from everyone elses, I started to paint on fabric and sew them into wallets and cosmetic cases. Actually, this is perfect for me. I get to paint and I get to sew - my two favorite things. I mostly have been painting flowers as that seems to translate well onto fabric that will be made into accessories. Things like this:
Those are lavender sachets on linen and muslin. But as i looked online at pictures, I kept running across birds and thought I should try that. So I started with sketching chickadees. I wish I took some pictures of the process, and i think I'll do that as my next tutorial as the process isn't difficult at all. So I promise next painting project I'll be ready and take pictures as I go. But here is the final results of the chickadee project:
And here it is turned into some zippered cases:
I think they came out kind of cute! I think their personality is all in their eyes! So, now I'm off to figure out what other birds I'd like to try. Thanks for reading! Meryl


  1. These are so beautiful Meryl! I am amazed at the talent you have!!!
    I can hardly wait to see what other birds you come up with. I love the chickadees though :-)

  2. Hey! It worked! You have to click on the little purple square thing... I am your FIRST MEMBER :-))))

  3. If you'll look you can see that your blog is now added to my side bar on my blog :-)

  4. Thank you so much Danette! You've been a huge help and so supportive!

  5. Maybe try bluebird or Cardinal??
    Can't wait to see what will inspire you����
    This will come in handy as we have a sip and paint on fabric coming up!!

    1. June - that sounds like fun - you will have to let me know how it goes and what you paint.


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