A funny thing happened.....


You know how things just sort of happen in your life? This is one of those things....

I've always liked to sew, paint and just generally create things. When my full time job as a real estate appraiser started to take away too much time from my family, I quit and became a full time employee at home (I never liked the term "housewife"). I had lots of time to sew and things started to pile up. My family urged me to "do something with all this stuff" so I looked around and decided to open up an etsy shop.

What I love about how I spend my days now, besides being able to explore and create whatever  idea I have next, is that it is such a collaborative endeavor. My daughters, and their friends, provide so much support and inspiration. My son actually looks up from his computer to see what I've just finished and tell me "great job, Mom." My husband has given himself the title "Head of Procurement" which means he gets to go out shopping a lot: this is something he excels at. My neighbor, Sue, models bags for me and she and her daughters give me lots of great ideas for new items all the time. 

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